OLIVERA NIKOLOVA is one of the most well-known Macedonian female prose writers. She was born in 1936 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and worked as an editor and playwright at the Macedonian National Radio and Television.

Her opus consists of numerous works for children and adults. Her first book Zoki Poki, published in 1963, remains the most popular Macedonian children’s book and a classic piece in the Macedonian literature, published in several foreign languages. Her other children’s books, such as The Friends Bon and Bona (1974), My Sound (1977), Marko’s Girlfriends (1987), The Crossing is not Lit (1990), Light Year (1989) among many others, are also published abroad.

She has written ten books for adults including the collections of short stories A Day for Summer Holiday (1964) and The Left Ventricle(2008), the collections of stage plays Silver Apple(Srebrenoto Jabolko) (1998), the novelsNarrow Door (1983), Homework (1989), The Thrombus (1997), Adam’s Rib (2000),Variations for Ibn Pajko (2001), Rositsa’s Dolls (2004), The White Smoke (2009), Little House (2012, nominated for the "Balkanika" award 2011),The Velvet Shroud - novelettes about women-murderers (2015),Pawns on Dark Squares (2017) and The Dog with Sad Look (2019).

Her novel Narrow Door was published in Slovenia in 1997. The novel Variations for Ibn Pajko was included in the Publication of the Translation Project of the Macedonian Government Macedonian Literature in English in 2011, was ranked among the top ten Macedonian novels as part of the project 100 Slavic Novelsand in 2013 it was published in Russia by Rudomino. The Thrombuswas published in Slovenia in 2014, by Cankarjeva zalozhba, while in 2017The Velvet Shroudwas published both in Bulgaria (Izida) and Croatia (Meandar).

Nikolova is a multiple winner of significant literary awards in Macedonia and former Yugoslavia.
She has had three wins of the award of RTV Skopje and Struga Poetry Evenings, in 1966 for The Country Where One Can’t Arrive, in 1975 for The friends Bon and Bona and in 1978 for My Sound (this novel has won her another award – the Yugoslav “Mlado Pokolenje”, the same year). She also won the prestigious Yugoslav Zmaj Award in 1983, for “special accomplishments in the contemporary expression of children’s literature”. As regards adult literature, Nikolova has collected almost all the important national awards for her novels: the Macedonian Writers’ Association Award “Stale Popov” for Narrow Door (in 1983 ) and forThe Velvet Shroud ( for 2015), the 2000 Racin Award for Adam’s Rib and the 2004 Annual Award “Novel of the Year” for Rositsa’s Dolls and in 2019 forThe Dog with Sad Look. The Thrombus was the winner of the 1998 Annual Prize of the Macedonian Writers’ Association. The author, however, rejected it as a protest against the malfeasance around the prize and the awarding system in general. She also rejected the alternative solution to preserve the award and pay back the cash award, which is a constant practice by numerous world famous authors. The reaction to this act caused a violent response in society, a lot of compliments, but also a great deal of commotion. In addition to being published individually, this impressive novel was included in the series of novels Pearls of World Literature, a project of two Macedonian daily newspapers Dnevnik and Utrinski Vesnik, where The Thrombus was embraced with two other Macedonian authors in this collection of the fifty best literary works of both the modern world and Macedonian literature. In 2024 she was decorated with an Order for special merits by the President of North Macedonia, Mr. Stevo Pendarovski.