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  • 1966 RTV Skopje and “Struga Poetry Evenings” award, for A NEVER-REACHING LAND

  •  1975, RTV Skopje and “Struga Poetry Evenings” award, for THE FRIENDS BON AND BONA

  • 1978 , “Mlado pokolenje” award, RTV Skopje and “Struga Poetry Evenings”, for MY SOUND

  • 1983, “Zmaj” award, for special achievement in contemporary expression in children’s literature

  • 1983 “Stale Popov” award, for the novel NARROW DOOR

  • 1998, DPM (Association of Macedonian Writers) award, for the novel THROMBUS (returned by the author)

  • 2000 “Ratsin’s acknowledgement”, for ADAM’S RIB

  • 2004 Novel of the Year by “Utrinski vesnik”, for ROSITSA’S DOLLS

  • 2011, nomination of LITTLE HOUSE for the Balkanika Award

  • 2015, "Stale Popov" Award, for THE VELVET SHROUD
  • 2019, "Novel of the Year" awarded by  the Slavko Janevski Foundation for THE DOG WITH SAD LOOK