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"THE DOG WITH SAD LOOK" - new novel by Olivera Nikolova

The newest novel by Olivera Nikolova - “The Dog With Sad Look” is magnificently faithful to her model of novels based on “preparation”, research, submission of a seemingly ordinary sheet of paper which, inherently, in its own facts opens up as an entire ficticious literary city, like in those picture books whose pages turn into castles or other three dimensional miracles. Only seemingly as any other, “The Dog With Sad Look” is exactly that kind of ficticious city emerging from the sheet of paper put inside “My Balcan Diaries” by Dr. J.Johnston Abraham. Nikolova does not try to conceal this memoire book, on the contrary, she begins her novel with it, expressing her gratitude to her author and naming her entire novel only as an echo of his memories.

Olivera Kjorveziroska